Appreciators’ Perspectives


The perspectives represent the values and the focus of The Appreciators. They have the power to deepen, spread, and create appreciation. Have fun trying them out!

For example: You can focus on one perspective each day or each week, and experiment with it during the day. For instance, you could ask yourself:

  • What does this perspective open up?
  • What might change in your attitudes and interactions, and what effect would that have?

We look forward to your feedback!

The 7 Appreciators’ Perspectives

Preliminary note:

It is good to know that there are several perspectives for one thing, each fully valid. They don’t have to be brought into line with each other. Appreciation includes contrasting “truths.”

1. How about appreciation? Now?

  • Appreciation includes EVERYTHING.
  • In each and every moment, I am free to choose an appreciative perspective.
  • Appreciation strengthens values and creates space and enjoyment.
  • The people that are here now are the “right” ones.

2. Self-appreciation is the basis

  • Appreciation starts with myself.
  • My contribution is important.
  • We are often our own biggest critics. Switch sides; become your biggest fan!
  • What is really important to me? What do I want more of?

3. Appreciation activates potentials

  • Whatever I focus my awareness on, grows.
  • We see the greatness in every person.
  • Recognizing potential, even if hidden, allows people to flourish.
  • We uncover success factors and strengths and apply them to less powerful areas.

4. Conflicts generate “friction gain”

  • Resisting the way things are is always an invitation to change perspectives.
  • Strong feelings and conflicts are indicators of needs and motives that are worth looking into.
  • Problems, weaknesses and mistakes will often give you the chance to grow.
  • Letting go of being right, even if you believe you are, opens doors.

5. A unity beyond teamwork

  • The otherness of the other is welcome.
  • Jointly developing a shared intention and essential decisions creates strength.
  • Regular perceiving and sharing of feelings and needs, unites.
  • By everybody freely and gladly contributing to the whole, everything gets done.

6. Truth in paradox

  • The spirit of paradox invites us to not just accept contradictions, but also to consider them valuable.
  • We see the light in darkness, the strength in weakness and vice versa.
  • Letting go of meaning and judgement makes life easier.
  • Who am I beyond right and wrong?

7. The essential occurs in the “in-between”

  • Taking a break is good, especially when things get strenuous or weigh you down.
  • Giving myself space naturally
  • leads to the essential.
  • True connection generates space.
  • Celebrating does good.