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Use your challenges to empower your growth. Experience appreciative spaces for reflection and development. We are there for you - a phone call away.

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Transform your organizational challenges to empower development. Design and implement your change processes to realize your goals, using our appreciative methods. We support you along the way.

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Find how to strengthen trust, fostering alignment and true team work. Experience engagement and effectiveness through appreciation. We help you learn how to do it yourself! Live and on the phone.

About The Appreciators

The Appreciators are a network of independent coaches and trainers. We serve as catalysts, to inspire and enable a world of empathy and appreciation.

We create, spread and deepen appreciation practices in families, society, business, and politics. We support unconditional appreciation as a way of being with our fellow human beings and the world in general. In this way, we contribute to a society where social justice, ecological sustainability and a spiritual life is a balanced reality.

The APPRECIATORS group was founded in 2011 by Stephan Josef Dick, Dorothee Bornath, Gertraud Wegst, Iris Dick, Marco Bienlein, Christine Sönning and Marianne Rögner. The values and focus of The Appreciators are expressed in following perspectives: Appreciators’ Perspectives

Being a source of appreciation for people and organizations is our mission.

Unconditional appreciation

We see ourselves as initiators, pioneers and companions towards a world of empathy and appreciation. We create, deepen and spread appreciation in business, society and politics. Our attitude is unconditional appreciation for humanity and the earth.

Holacratically organized

Since 2012 The Appreciators have been holacratically organized, which is for us, the perfect organizational model. The holacratic approach combines the advantages of hierarchical organizations (efficiency, clarity, goal orientation) with the inclusiveness of participation (integrating all essential perspectives, with creativity and self-responsibility) to a value added synthesis.

Source of appreciation

As a powerful source of appreciation, we inspire and share transformative practices and impulses with people committed to anchoring those practices in their organizations leading to success in their endeavors.

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Independent Coach and Consultant

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